18th, 19th & 20th October 2019

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Yummy Yoga Girl

Yummy Yoga Girl

Founded by Natalie Farrell, Yummy Yoga Girl is an online destination that provides advice, ideas and inspiration for living the healthiest and best versions of yourself and the opportunity to buy beautiful active-wear clothing.

Natalie advocates the “Art of Bold and Beautiful Live” and asks us to “tune in to your inner yogini and live a dynamic, flexible and fun life.”

Active-wear clothing range

Yummy Yoga Girl is a new yoga-wear brand from the UK. Designed by Natalie herself (a yoga teacher) to match every aspect of the modern yogini. Stylish yet practical, the materials are chosen specifically for their soft, natural properties so as to be kind to the skin. Light, comfortable and long-lasting, this exclusive boutique range allows you the freedom needed to move through your practice and your day, whilst also bringing out your confidence from within.

Coaching Services

She intuitively works with people to see their strengths and move forward with the confidence to make the empowering and courageous choices needed to enable them to be the best versions of themselves.

Through online tutorial, videos and blog features, Yummy Yoga Girl offers a fresh approach to healthy living and helps keep life “bursting with fresh ideas”.

Natalie believes that the thing to love most about life is our ability to continue learning and growing and that there is infinite possibility for discovery, which can lead to a life full of success and adventure.

Find out more about Yummy Yoga Girl on their website, and find them on stand H17 at the OM Yoga Show London.


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