Unlock the Powers of Manifestation at OM Yoga Show

OM Yoga Show Manifestation

Manifestation — also known as the law of attraction — traces back to spiritual, ancient teachings and ideas that are based around uniting mind, body and the universe. It focuses on the notion that our thoughts can influence the material world around us, a concept that has gained in popularity over recent years, perhaps as individuals seek more control over their lives in what has become an increasingly uncertain, chaotic world.

Manifestation not only offers people an opportunity to attract what they want into their lives, but also for them to express gratitude for what they already have, helping to build a more positive, resilient and balanced mindset.

Unlock the powers of manifestation at the OM Yoga Show...

  • Freedom, Abundance and Manifesting with Amy Louise Mercado. Free admission included in your entrance ticket. A mixture of stretches to create Freedom in the body & mind, followed by breathwork and movements to raise vibration to the frequency of Abundance.
  • New Moon Yoga - Let's manifest! With Emy Mendoza. Free admission included in your entrance ticket. Use the power of Yoga and the energy of the New Moon in Libra to embrace balance and self-love, set intentions and manifest all positive things. 
  • Am I with my Twin Flame or Soulmate? With Life Purpose Shaman AKA Tammy Adams (LECTURE). Free admission included in your entrance ticket. Learn the truth behind Twin Flames and Soulmates so you can manifest the right relationship for yourself!
  • Manifesting Rituals To Set You Up For Success with Emma Mumford (Mind Body Soul Experience LECTURE). Free admission included in your entrance ticket. Join the UK's leading Law of Attraction expert and bestselling author Emma Mumford as she guides you through powerful manifesting rituals to help set you up for success with love, health, finances, career and abundance!
  • Align & Embody Abundance (Manifest Like A Pro) with Emma Mumford (Mind Body Soul Experience) Workshop ticket: £10. A powerful one-hour workshop, where the UK's leading Law of Attraction expert and bestselling author will be sharing how you can align with and embody your desires in all areas of your life.

Explore the showcase of 250 exhibitors who are on hand to provide you with a range of yoga accessories, clothing, jewellery, superfoods and much more. You certainly won't be short of things to do at the OM Yoga Show!

Register for your FREE show guide at omyogashow.com. Entrance tickets to the OM Yoga Show are now available to book online at omyogashow.com. All OM Yoga Show tickets include entry to the Mind Body Soul Experience which is running side by side in the hall next door.

OM Yoga Show

13th, 14th & 15th October 2023

Alexandra Palace, London, N22 7AY

Opening Times

Friday 11am - 6pm | Saturday 10am - 6pm | Sunday 10am - 5pm

Admission Costs

One Day - £20

Two Day - £36

Three Day - £48

Children under 16 - Free

Tickets are available at omyogashow.com

Further Information

For further information and images or to arrange an interview, please contact Victoria Willmott on

01787 224040 | victoria@primeimpact.co.uk

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