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Life Purpose Shaman

Life Purpose Shaman AKA Tammy Adams
Master Intuitive Shaman | Spiritual Life Coach

Tammy Adams, aka “Shaman,” has positively impacted many lives with her God-given abilities throughout her 35 years of shamanism. From attracting influential spiritual leaders such as Pope John Paul II, Mother Teresa, and the Dalai Lama to working with renowned political leaders, celebrities, and corporate executives, Tammy has helped people worldwide as a master intuitive shaman and spiritual life coach.

She has been the secret sauce behind the success of her clients. Her services span the range as a spiritual life coach, providing past life karmic healing, spiritual healing, angel and spirit communication, life purpose discovery, business prosperity coaching, and soulmate connection.

Tammy is set to release her latest book, “Spiritual Table Talk” in 2023, and is the author of “The Secret to Your Chakras.” She is also the host and creator of the “Karma Talk” podcast and serves as a guest expert on other shows. She impacts through her online education school, The School of the Great Awakening, and her tens of thousands of subscribers through her social media platforms.

Tammy has also been an international inspirational speaker at conferences, corporate and team-building events, and for youth rehabilitation for over 25 years, speaking at venues from London to Los Angeles.

Tammy was born with the ability to speak with angels and spirit guides, and has lived many previous lives. In her current incarnation, she realized that her mission is to teach and heal others using her God-given gifts.

Holy spiritual leaders from all faiths and backgrounds have embraced her. Some of her mentors who profoundly impacted young Tammy were a Hopi Indian shaman named Lewis, Father Phillip in Vatican City, the Visionaries of Medjugorje, and the queen of the Himba tribe in Namibia.

To help the community, Tammy started a non-profit, House of Angels Foundation, and also has several orphanages and wellness centers. Raised in Colorado and New York, she’s happily married and has four grown children, seven grandchildren, and the other love of her life – a toy poodle named Frosty.

Life Purpose Shaman will be on stand G15

Website: lifepurposeshaman.com

Instagram: @lifepurposeshaman