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Sanatio Naturalis – an award-winning aromatherapy collection

Sanatio Naturalis – an award-winning aromatherapy collection

Pure, Natural and Therapeutic Essential Oils for the Skin, Body and Mind. Perfect for you to enjoy a mindful aromatherapy moment. A holistic and complete experience.

The holistic beauty secrets of plants have been passed from generation to generation. The ancient Greeks shared them, inspiring our Latin name, Sanatio Naturalis, the healing power of nature.

Aromatherapy uses essential plant oils to assist the body’s natural ability to balance, heal and maintain itself. Nourishing and revitalizing the skin, the body and the spirit.

At Sanatio Naturalis we love the plants. Our quest starts with the raw materials, their outstanding therapeutic efficiency and depth of fragrance.

We search for the purest sources, cultivating plants throughout the world for their exceptional properties. Our Geranium comes from Egypt, Rose is cultivated in Bulgaria (4,000 kg of rose petals are needed to obtain 1 kg of essence), Lavender is from Haute Provence (France); Lemon is harvested in southern Italy and Frankincense from Somalia. We can guarantee origin and traceability.

Geological and climatic conditions give our ingredients exceptional qualities and makes them unique.


Hand-Crafted from ceramic and glass, our beautiful diffuser adds a touch of natural elegance and luxury to any space. It utilizes ultrasonic technology to produce a fine, cool fragrant mist. Enjoy a mindful aromatherapy moment.


Designed to make life more beautiful, our exquisite Diffuser will add an elegant modern finish and decorative touch to everyday living. A stunning gift or wonderful treat for your own home.

The soothing humidity alleviates dry air, with an optional soft light creating a peaceful ambiance. Designed to work with Sanatio Naturalis finest 100% pure essential oils, it fills your home with a therapeutic fragrance to soothe your spirits, encourage a sense of calm and a peaceful night’s sleep. Ideal for scenting small spaces, including home, office, and spa, it delights your senses and adds luxe to everyday living.

A patented ultrasonic, high-frequency technology, emits 2.4 million vibratory waves per second to delicately transform the essential oil into a dry, cool fragrant mist with no heating or burning for diffusion.

Sanatio Naturalis Diffuser will turn off automatically when water level is low, and it delivers up to 4 hours of continuous runtime, or 8 hours of intermittent runtime. It comes with a power adaptor (UK plug), and a user guide. Presented in a Sanatio Naturalis box.

The art of adding a beautiful scent to your home creates a delightful sensory experience. Within our finest therapeutic pure essential oil range, fill your room with a delicious scent, whether it be the natural fragrances of a forest, happy citruses, relaxing French lavender, cleansing mints, or warm spices.

Find Sanatio Naturalis on stand N9a at the OM Yoga Show

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