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As technologies keep us tied up to our computers, TVs, smart phones, tablets – you name it – researchers confirm that most of us are sitting in awkward positions longer than ever before. This leads to the development of poor body postures that become a habit, aka: a comfortable posture to stay in. It becomes necessary for people to “re-learn” how to sit properly and hold a healthy posture.

But what does a good posture look like – for both – sitting and standing? You might have heard that our spine consist of 33 small bones called vertebrae. When we look at our body – from the front, those vertebrae should appear stacked in a straight line. When we look at our body from the side, our spine should have 3 curves; one at our neck, one at our shoulders, and one at the lower part of our back. This is called an “S-shape” posture. This shape should be kept at all times – while we are sitting (especially!), standing and walking. These 3 curves help us keep the back upright and absorb some of the body stress.

Reminding of a slope (due to the incline) and having a prolonged tip that looks like a triangle, the OMigo pillow is designed to support the lower part of the back by making you naturally sit in an S-shape posture. At the beginning it might feel a little uncomfortable, but don’t be frightened! Give your muscles some time to “re-learn” how to sit in a correct posture and build the required muscle strength for this new habit.

As soon as you sit on the ZENAGOY pillow/cushion, you will feel how your body naturally wishes to move forward (due to incline), but the upper part of the body wants to lean back (to keep you from falling) by naturally making an S-shape.

This is the correct sitting posture in which we allow our spine to rest by engaging – instead of putting pressure on – our muscles. This is the posture in which we open up our chest and give more space for our lungs to work properly. Our breath becomes slower and deeper, and the energy starts flowing more easily as the relaxation process begins.

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