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Melon & Lime presents the first ever connected yoga mat

Melon & Lime presents the first ever connected yoga mat

Melon & Lime, an emerging health-tech brand is launching their new yoga lifestyle app Me Time. The app is part of a Mat’n’App combo, connecting the functionality of a yoga mat with an inspiration-packed app designed for entry to intermediate level yogis enabling them to choose exercises that best meet their personal needs. Together, they form an essential yet innovative gadget to relax and unwind in style.

A beautifully designed two-toned mat comes with an integrated NFC chip that acts as a user’s personal key to unlock the content in the app. Videos and audios are carefully tailored by professionals, guiding users from step one of their yoga journey. After purchasing a Melon & Lime connected mat, users will get access to specialized content providing them with tools and hacks to kickstart their healthy yoga habit.

The creators of the brand, Rebeka Vegelj and Jelena Sangarelo, come from a start-up environment where just the right blend of creativity and technology ensures market success. Creative efforts, an active lifestyle, travels, and business ventures – all these seek balance in life. And that’s one of the reasons why Melon & Lime connected mats are aimed at those who are yet to discover the magic of simple and easily accessible methods for day-to-day stress management. The custom developed and easy to maintain, deep cushion “better grip” texture mats are as much a product for spiritual beginners as they are for more advanced practitioners who simply need a boost in motivation.

“When I look back and remember all the brainstorming, versions and variants of sketches, outlines, designs, prototypes and semi-products, rejected ideas… I value the high-quality products much more and I recognize the brand value because now I know how much dedication goes into creating something of quality.” says Jelena Sangarelo, co-founder and Art director of Melon & Lime.

“Most of the inquiries so far have come from the UK and the USA, which are ultimately our target markets. The EU market also shows enormous potential in the wellness and mindfulness segment”, says Rebeka Vegelj, co-founder and CEO of Melon & Lime.

How it works?
1. Download Me Time with Melon & Lime app on Google Play or App Store.
2. For Android users – make sure that your NFC connection is turned ON.
3. Open the app.
4. Wait for the “Scan NFC” pop-up to appear.
5. Press your phone to the NFC tag on your yoga mat.
6. Pick your desired exercise.
7. Feel amazing!

The connected mats come in two shades of beautiful zen colors, Melon Pink (Happy) that brings joy, and Lime Green (Calm) for relaxation. Furthermore, the mat was made from entirely environmentally-friendly thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) which is 100% recyclable, aiming to develop a “Return and Recycle” program of worn out yoga mats. The mat also comes with a carrying strap that enables an easy solution for storage and transportation of the yoga mat to the class/the park/the beach and back.

Find Melon & Lime on stand N9 at the OM Yoga Show.

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