HOLDEReight launches new prints and an expanded product range

Elevate your practice with HOLDEReight, a luxury yoga mat and accessory brand designed for the healthy, aesthetically-minded modern woman.

Combining flair with functionality, HOLDEReight yoga mats are made specifically to complement one’s yoga practice. Launching a total of five new prints on February 10th, 2019, each mat features one of a limited run of prints that are specially designed to reflect what it means to practice yoga.

In its third season of prints, the brand’s design team continue to be inspired by bold botanicals, creating two new prints to help reconnect you to Mother Earth and nature during your yoga flow. Other inspirations include birds and outer space, with three original designs that strengthen your connection to the sky and the universe. Due to their popularity in previous seasons, the brand’s skyscape prints will also continue to run, with sunrises grounding a morning practice and night skies to wind down your day.

In addition to carrying striking prints, which are digitally laser printed onto the mats so as not to fade, they offer an anti-slip grip that will not yield to the sweatiest of poses thanks to its soft, suede microfibre surface. At 4mm thick, they provide a comfortable base for which to practice arm balances and kneeling postures, and also keep you warm and supported while you relax deeply into your savasana. Made from 100% natural rubber that is naturally biodegradable, the mats are also environmentally friendly in addition to being highly functional and inspirational.

Catering to the needs of urban yogi, HOLDEReight recently expanded their product range to include water bottles and travel yoga mats. Featuring the season’s prints, the 500ml water bottles are made from double-walled stainless steel, keeping hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours and cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours, ensuring you keep hydrated in between classes while contributing to a reduction in single-use plastic. The travel mats offer a lightweight alternative to the original HOLDEReight mat – at 1.5mm, they feature the same range of prints, offer an equally strong grip and are also machine washable like the original mats, but are easier to carry when you are on the go.

Popular London-based yoga teacher Adam Husler recently voted HOLDEReight’s original 4mm mat as his top pick of yoga mats in the i paper, while London-based yogi Silja Frey noted: “I love my mat. It offers great grip and cushioning, and practising on it feels stable. The wonderful design brings me joy even on a grey winter’s day.”

Loved by yogis from London to Lebanon, HOLDEReight mats and bottles are currently stocked across London’s premier yoga studio, Triyoga, as well as studios throughout Ireland. Online retailers Zalando and Namshi also stock the mats, shipping to clients throughout Europe and the Middle East.

Find HOLDEReight on stand E13 at the OM Yoga Show 2019.


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