18th, 19th & 20th October 2019

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Gai+Lisva – leaving fashion hype behind and focusing on slow living

Gai+Lisva – leaving fashion hype behind and focusing on slow living

It’s time to slow down, take a deep breath and connect with what really matters. Gai+Lisva is leaving fashion hype behind and focusing on slow living.

With a line of products inspired by the customers that use them. Gai+Lisva is introducing several new items in its Essentials collection. Clothes you look and feel great in, as well as a series of bed linen, washbags, and loungewear made from organic cotton. The Gai+Lisva lifestyle appeals to the conscious consumer that demands quality.

Gai+Lisva is in the process of moving away from traditional fast-paced production and towards a slower and more sustainable approach. For us, sustainability means leaving short-lived trends behind and focusing on quality and longevity. It’s a holistic value-based approach to living.

Rooted in the Danish approach to simple design and the Scandinavian mentality of togetherness. We empower and inspire people to live out their passions by offering a range of versatile timeless essentials. We believe in buying less, choosing well and making it last.

Find Gai+Lisva on stand F16 at the OM Yoga Show.

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