19th, 20th & 21st October 2018

Alexandra Palace

Exhibitor News

St Palo; beautiful wellbeing

By Yoga Show | September 19, 2018

Launched autumn 2018, the St Palo product range includes a cleverly crafted silver-plated pendant which unscrews to carry a self-diffusing vial containing one of seven available organic aromatherapy blends. Founder of St Palo, Camila Sadler, created both a stylish and functioning product to use in everyday life inspired by her own personal journey. Following the sudden death of her…

Sanatio Naturalis – an award-winning aromatherapy collection

By Yoga Show | September 18, 2018

Pure, Natural and Therapeutic Essential Oils for the Skin, Body and Mind. Perfect for you to enjoy a mindful aromatherapy moment. A holistic and complete experience. The holistic beauty secrets of plants have been passed from generation to generation. The ancient Greeks shared them, inspiring our Latin name, Sanatio Naturalis, the healing power of nature.…

Support • Uplift • Nurture – Bunnies & Zen

By Yoga Show | September 12, 2018

Bunnies & Zen create sustainable and beautifully designed products that can be used in meditation, yoga, personal growth and to uplift and support the body, heart, mind and spirit. The iconic Zen bunny, which features in many of their designs, is intended to be a lucky talisman that brings health and good fortune. Founders Rachel and…

Melon & Lime presents the first ever connected yoga mat

By Yoga Show | September 12, 2018

Melon & Lime, an emerging health-tech brand is launching their new yoga lifestyle app Me Time. The app is part of a Mat’n’App combo, connecting the functionality of a yoga mat with an inspiration-packed app designed for entry to intermediate level yogis enabling them to choose exercises that best meet their personal needs. Together, they form an essential yet…

Yummy Yoga Girl

By Yoga Show | June 29, 2018

Founded by Natalie Farrell, Yummy Yoga Girl is an online destination that provides advice, ideas and inspiration for living the healthiest and best versions of yourself and the opportunity to buy beautiful active-wear clothing. Natalie advocates the “Art of Bold and Beautiful Live” and asks us to “tune in to your inner yogini and live…

Happy Tummy® Charcoal capsules from Fine Fettle Products

By Yoga Show | June 29, 2018

Happy Tummy® charcoal is a health food additive which can help improve digestion, reduce wind, remove toxins from the system and, as part of a balanced diet, help maintain optimum health. This has been acclaimed by many sufferers with digestive problems as being “an absolute godsend”. Another user comments “to say it has revolutionised my…

Wild View Wellness Retreat – a new kind of retreat

By Yoga Show | June 27, 2018

“Heal your body whilst resting your mind.”  Ever felt as though you need to press reset? Switch off from everything and just focus on yourself for a change? We live in a frantic society and finding a place of solace and peace to retreat to has become an essential, not just a luxury. Wild View…

Yoganect flies to the OM Yoga Show in London

By Yoga Show | June 27, 2018

One of the great perks of yoga is that it knows no borders. Yogis can be found throughout all continents, of all ages, and in all places. We’ve been traveling all across California, attending Startup Conferences and meeting our partners across the United States. This upcoming October, yoganect will be boarding a plane to London…

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