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Sandra & Sofia Barnes

Sandra & Sofia Barnes

Sandra has been teaching Yoga in the UK for over 20 years since she settled here to raise her 2 children, her best friends Sofia & Matias, after years of exploring & working in many places across the world.
She is from Argentina & is often told her soothing words, accent & voice from the heart cannot be forgotten.
Starting her Yoga journey in her early 20’s after studies in P.E at Buenos Aries University, Argentina, Sandra’s home country.

She has an extensive professional fitness background stretching over 38 years that has left her with a deep understanding of safe & beneficial movement for the body. She has taught many fitness varieties, some of which include swimming to all ages including babies, to steps, aqua aerobics & more.

She started teaching & holding space for people at the age of 17, organising her own summer camps for children full of activity & creativity, swimming, music, art, cooking & beyond.

Across the last 20 years in the UK she has taught Yoga to all walks of life, from prenatal to baby yoga, toddlers, children, schools, teens, care homes & to a range of peoples individual needs, in an array of settings. This has left her with a clear vision of how Yoga can form & adapt to benefit all walks of life. She feels yoga & all it offers is her ~ dharma ~ purpose in life & feels it has saved her on more than one occasion.She is a very dedicated mother & now that both her children are older is enjoying dedicating herself evermore to yoga.

Sofia grew up attending dance school, where her love for embodying movement & expression grew. Growing up immersed in the world of her mum’s offerings she would often be involved with kids yoga, swimming lessons & more from an early age.
Once she left school she returned to the French Alps, her family’s first home, so she could follow in her parents footsteps with ski seasons & be surrounded by mountains & nature snowboarding & fun.

Soon after she discovered the seasonal life of music festival work, where for part of the year she enjoys a nomadic lifestyle, surrounded by music, texture, art & field living, able to dance often & always meeting & sharing with new people.

Assisting with yoga workshops & retreats since Sandra began them almost 10 years ago, it naturally came to a time where Sofia wished to start delving deeper into yoga’s path to hold a better understanding of it’s roots.

She started her courses & teacher training in India at the start of 2016 & began holding offerings soon after.
She loves creating, writing & sharing meditations & Yoga Nidras, adorning spaces & making altars.

Having especially enjoyed courses with Uma Dinsmore Tuli ~ ‘Womb Yoga & women’s wellness therapy’ & about to continue this with Uma’s pregnancy yoga course, continuing her journey into how yoga can support all stages & transitions within a womans life. She will soon be training in mother & baby yoga to coincide her work with her pregnancy & baby mama life to come.

Sofia takes care of most the internet side of things ~ social media, emails, mailing list, artwork/designs etc.

All sessions will be confirmed soon.