Nicole Driscoll

Nicole Driscoll

Nicole Driscoll discovered yoga during a pivotal moment in her life which quickly illuminated her path to finding her true passion. She has dedicated herself to intensive training.

500hrs Dharma Yoga (Living Master Sri Dharma Mittra – Dharma Yoga Center) • 100hrs Hatha-Raja Yoga (Trainer: Andre Ram) • 20hrs Mandala Methodology (Trainer: Dulce Mandala – The Yoga People) • 50hrs Yin Yoga (Trainer: Angela Jervis-Read) • 50hrs Aerial Yoga (Trainer: Debbie Baisley – The Yoga Bee) • 100hrs Budokon Yoga & Mobility (Trainer: Cameron & Melayne Shayne – Budokon University) • 50hrs OFF – Rocket (Trainer: Samuel Nwokeka – YogaSoul MCR)

Nicole will be on stand R4


All sessions will be confirmed soon.