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Mystic Sisters – Barbra May & Maria Lodetoft

Barbra May and Maria Lodetoft are star-seed channels of healing and divine guidance. They are custodians of light, ascending from different advanced civilizations, and currently earthbound to actively participate in the elevation and healing of the collective.

With strong remembrance of their time within the star constellation, both Barbra and Maria bare a visible mark of their otherworldly anchoring: a 5-pointed star in the centre of their palm.

Mystic Sisters is walking at the forefront of ascension, co-creating New Earth timelines by sharing their individual gifts both in a 1-to-1 setting, and when combining energies, and holding space for collective healing in their events.

Maria is known for her signature healing session: Light Code Healing, in which she works alongside The Arcturian Council of Light to heal emotional trauma and soul karma.  She uses sacred Light Codes and channelled Light Language to dissolve the coding and negative beliefs that no longer serve you.  Maria is also a skilled channel for spirit and offers supportive ahd healing guidance in her psychic readings.

Barbra is an excellent energy worker and an intuitive healer. Barbra’s gift allows her to read your energetic field, pinpointing the areas in which you need an energetic upgrade. Barbra uses channelled divine energy in combination with crystal frequency to implement the required shifts to your auric and physical body. Barbra is also a certified spiritual counsellor and energy reader, she uses tarot and pendulums to guide her clients and is known for her accurate predictions.

Mystic Sisters are master manifestors. They use their knowledge of energy, sound frequency and the quantum field to co-create positive experiences within the universe.

The creation of Mystic Sister has allowed them both to fully step into the grid of their mission and soul purpose.

They are New Earth healers, embodying ancient wisdom, galactic energy, and divine light.


Instagram: @wearemysticsisters

Mystic Sisters 400x400
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