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Laura Dodd, The Yoga Class

Laura is an experienced and certified yoga and meditation teacher, a Mother and founder of The Yoga Class. Laura has hundreds of hours training, learning and teaching experience, has been practicing yoga and meditation daily for 10 years, runs global retreats, is a contributing writer to Om Yoga Magazine and works with top brands, locations and celebrity clients. Laura is truly passionate about the benefits of a yoga, movement and practice and her aim is to share, support and empower others to unfold this transformational practice for body and mind.

Whilst working as a model Laura discovered the physical benefits of keeping her body strong, lean and toned, but quickly discovered the benefits of the practice went far beyond the just physical. Laura found deeper meaning in her life as well as mental strength, personal space and connection through the discovery and development of her yoga and meditation practice and teaching and believes this magical practice is about coming home to yourself.



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Laura Dodd 400x400
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