18th, 19th & 20th October 2019

Alexandra Palace

Joy Dean

Joy Dean

RYT 200 hrs* Hoop Dancer * Roller Skater * Movement Advocate
Trained as a ballerina from a very young age, Joy has always adored the way dance made her feel. The wonderful escape and the gorgeous play that shows up only the way it does for her particular body and style. She’s learned to be emboldened by that fact, that her body moves the way it should for her just as all other bodies move as they should for the souls residing in them. Not to be compared but to be expanded, challenged and enjoyed. Joy’s mission is to get more bodies moving, more minds comfortable with letting go and finding the play again. This is the key element for sustainable health and well being, finding the Joy in our activities otherwise whats the point?!
Joy is a London based, German raised, American born alternative fitness teacher & and corporate wellness coach. Who left behind the grind of a working in the corporate world to create opportunities for simplistic healthy lifestyles for the corporate world, amongst others. Hoop Flex Fusion is a way to do exactly that, fuse my love of play based fitness and yoga to birth something new, something exciting and fun. All while upholding the principles of safe and effective dynamic stretching, mental agility, enhancing mobility and balance. The perfect mix for our world weary bods.

All sessions will be confirmed soon.

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