Janie Larmour

Janie Larmour

Janie Larmour of Zen Ki Yoga is flying in from Australia to join us at the OM Yoga Show 2023, so don’t miss the chance to practice with her in person!

Janie has been teaching yoga for 24 years and is well known for her extensive knowledge and detailed instruction. Janie also runs teacher training programs online and has lots of online classes available.

Janie is a popular presenter at OM Yoga Show and contributor to OM Yoga Magazine and we are so excited to welcome her back to the show this year!

Website: thecentreofyoga.com

Facebook: @zenkiyoga

YouTube: Zen Ki Yoga

Twitter: @zenkiyoga

Instagram: @zenkiyoga

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Vagus Nerve, Psoas and Anxiety Connection with Janie Larmour