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Janie Larmour, Zen Ki Yoga

Trained in yoga since 1999. Created the unique Japanese style of yoga Zen Ki Yoga based on meridians and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Have been a teacher training since 2009 and online post grad courses since 2013. Specialise in back pain, psoas release, anatomy& women’s health (especially women’s health and endometriosis). Fitness instructor since 1994.

Website: thecentreofyoga.com

Facebook: /zenkiyoga

YouTube: Zen Ki Yoga

Twitter: @zenkiyoga

Instagram: @zenkiyoga

Janie Larmour 400x400
Free Open Classes

The Psoas/QL Connection for Back and Hip Pain with Janie Larmour

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Free Lecture

Using Meridians and Pressure Points to Release your Body with Janie Larmour