18th, 19th & 20th October 2019

Alexandra Palace

David Sye 1

David Sye

David’s life is now divided by an extremely intensive global teaching schedule, with future projects being planned in Italy and Canada. His passion and excitement for his work arises out of the fact that what is being created here through the Yogabeats practice is not only a model for transformation through yoga, but a system where men and women are given the tools to maintain the transformation, so they can go on to realise their life’s full potentiality taking the techniques out to their communities. The implications for peace and transformation worldwide are all to obvious!

His work in the Community at home and Internationally is developing a life of its own, and is now recognised and acknowledged by peace makers, and at governmental level. Yoga Beats Conflict is supported by His Holiness The Dhalai Lama.



How to Get High On Your Own Supply with David Sye

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