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Carolyn Cowan

Carolyn Cowan’s Kundalini Global yoga classes are an experience in learning to reset yourself, trust yourself, fall in love with yourself, and to do each of these things for yourself with Carolyn as your guide.

Playing with breathwork, posture and meditation, Kundalini Global is a spiritual practice that is informed by up-to-date physiological, psychological, and neuroscientific theory and research into the body and mind.

Carolyn is a yoga teacher and teacher trainer with decades’ worth of experience. She is also a therapist, specialising in trauma, anxiety, addiction, shame, pre-and-postnatal issues and more.

In Carolyn’s Kundalini Global classes, you will always begin with breathwork and, from there, posture is taught with variations available to suit every body. She encourages the use of props and is kind with timings. You will be guided through a series of postures framed around the intention for each class. At the end, Carolyn always allows time for a long relaxation.

Carolyn’s classes are born of the merging of her wealth of knowledge and experience in ancient spiritual and esoteric thought with her specialisms from her work as a trauma therapist. When this is added to the radically inclusive approach that Carolyn has fostered in Kundalini Global, and sprinkled with her sense of humour, excellent, eclectic music choices, and her unparalleled ability to build community, what emerges is something truly original and potent in its capacity to change how you think and feel.


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Free Open Classes

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