18th, 19th & 20th October 2019

Alexandra Palace


Miko Ramelow 1

Miko Ramelow

Alice Maclaine 1

Alice Maclaine

Hannah Barrett 1

Hannah Barrett

Darius Desouza 1

Darius Desouza

Juliette Bryant 1

Juliette Bryant

Nichola Selby-Allen and Caelia Butcher 1

Nichola Selby-Allen and Caelia Butcher

Chantelle Leach 1

Chantelle Leach

Jordan Mae Antoinette 1

Jordan Mae Antoinette

Louise Hebblewhite 1

Louise Hebblewhite

Mellissa Laycy 1

Mellissa Laycy

Belle Amatt 1

Belle Amatt

Myles Hopper 1

Myles Hooper

Cathy Bailey 1

Cathy Bailey

Judy Sampath 1

Judy Sampath

de rosa 1

Jo and Dom De Rosa

Athina Tamaresi 1

Athina Tamaresi

Paula Mayura 1

Paula Mayura

Wendy Haring 1

Wendy Haring

Zoe Knott 1

Zoe Knott

Roisin Allana Kiernan 1

Roisin Allana Kiernan

Natalia Mihailovska 1

Natalia Mihailovska

Emily Wilkerson 1

Emily Wilkerson

Haridev Kaur 1

Haridev Kaur

Adrianna Zaccardi 1

Adrianna Zaccardi


Hotpod Yoga

Tara Stiles 1

Tara Stiles

Paiste 1

Paiste Gongs

Kelly-Rhian Scott 1

Kelly-Rhian Scott

David Sye 1

David Sye

Rachel Park 1

Rachel Park

Kiranjot 1


Siri Sadhana Kaur 1

Siri Sadhana Kaur

Aminta Gagnon 1

Aminta Gagnon

Ali King 1

Ali King

Karolina Jaczewska 1

Karolina Jaczewska

Steffy White 1

Steffy White

Liz Joy-Oakley 1

Liz Joy-Oakley

Becky Crepsley-Fox 1

Becky Crepsley-Fox

Deepika Sally Saini 1

Deepika Sally Saini

Mollie McClelland Morris 1

Mollie McClelland Morris

Lisa Sanfillipo 1

Lisa Sanfilippo

Deanne Liew 1

Deanne Liew

Clive Fogelman 1

Clive Fogelman

Claudia Sauer 1

Claudia Sauer

Radhika Nanalal 1

Radhika Nanalal

Rani Arduino 1

Rani Arduino

Franco Corsi 1

Franco Corsi

Stefano Capitani 1

Stefano Capitani

Jane Von Bierberstein 1

Jane Von Bieberstein

Bethany Mouzer 1

Bethaney Mouzer

Rainbow Kids Yoga 1

Rainbow Kids Yoga

Valentina Fois 1

Valentina Fois

Keith Squires 1

Keith Squires

Arjun Kashyap 2

Arjun Kashyap

Amy Lanza 1

Nourishing Amy

Jon Dale 1

Jon Dale

Edward Daniel 1

Edward Daniel

Natalie Naturally 1

Natalie Penny

Nicci Dhamu 1

Nicci Dhamu

Kate Taylor 1

Kate Taylor

Matthew Harding 1

Matthew Harding

Abi Barber 1

Abi Barber

Carolyn Jikiemi-Roberts 1

Carolyn Jikiemi-Roberts

Jo Manual 1

Jyoti Jo Manuel

Adell Bridges 1

Adell Bridges

Nicole Zimbler 1

Nicole Zimbler

Veronika de la Jara 1

Veronika Pena de la Jara

Christiane Saar 1

Christiane Saar

Shahn Ahmad 1

Shahn Ahmad

Sat Shakti Kaur 1

Sat Shakti Kaur

Sarah Grogan 1

Sarah Grogan

Kim Hartwell 1

Kim Hartwell

Helen Flower 1

Helen Flower

Harriet McAtee 1

Harriet McAtee

Gulcan Mailk 1

Gulcan Malik

Emily Brett - New 1

Emily Brett

Dev Ajeet Kaur NEW 1

Dev Ajeet Kaur

Hali Love 1

Hali Love

Bethan Hamilton 1

Bethan Hamilton

Caroline Torino 1

Caroline Torino

Emma Jackman New 1

Emma Jackman

Audrey Walker 1

Audrey Walker

Shona Sutherland 1

Shona Sutherland

Jane Clapham 1

Jane Saraswati Clapham

Lydiana Abbott 1

Lydiana Abbott

Kirsty Gallagher 1

Kirsty Gallagher

Cristina Albadalejo 1

Cristina Albadalejo

Stephen Marks 1

Stephen Marks

Andy Kobelinsky 1

Andy Koblinsky

Vanessa Frias - 1

Vanessa Frias


Patricia Ramirez

Jhon Tamayo 1

Jhon Tamayo

Francesca Turner 1

Francesca Turner

Adriana Izarra-Aranguren 1

Adriana Izarra-Aranguren

Martina Rando

Martina Rando

Klara Goldy 1

Klara Goldy

Seren Charrington-Hollins

Seren Charrington-Hollins

Charlotte Collins New 1

Charlotte Collins

Joy Dean

Joy Dean

Caroline Tautz

Caroline Tautz

Emma Leaf 1

Emma Leaf

Izzy Kirkby

Izzy Kirkby

Catherine Weston 1

Catherine Weston

Jessica Janusz

Jessica Janusz

Maya Fiennes 1

Maya Fiennes

Jeff Phenix 2

Jeff Phenix



Sandra and Sofia 1

Sandra and Sofia

Kat Farrants 1

Kat Farrants

Jonelle Lewis 1

Jonelle Lewis

Jake Duval and Danielle Baker

Jake Duval and Danielle Baker

Francesca Sloan

Francesca Sloan

Sinead Duffy 1

Sinead Duffy

Acroyoga Sanctuary 1

Acroyoga Sanctuary

Anu Paavola 1

Anu Paavola

Claire Missingham 1

Claire Missingham

Rachel Blunt 1

Rachel Blunt

Sonal Thakrar 1 (2)

Sonal Thakrar

Sylvia Garcia 47

Sylvia Garcia

Swami Saradananda

Swami Saradananda

Manish Ramji

Manish Ramji

David Kam

David Kam

Dan Peppiatt 2

Dan Peppiatt

Catherine-Annis SQUARE

Catherine Annis

Sally Parkes

Sally Parkes

Adam Hocke

Adam Hocke


Emma Ako


Sue Yen Wan


Shardy Roberts

Vanessa Bagge 1

Vanessa Bagge


Ana Barretxeguren


Ruth Wheeler


Yan Sophokleous


Karolina Krawczyk-Sharma


Karena Rathbone Ariel

Zane Zalite 1

Zane Zalite


Rachel Porquet-Chanmugam

Marcus Veda 4

Marcus Veda


Janie Larmour


Esha Kansal

OM_L_Kelly McHugh

Kelly McHugh


Bryony Duckitt


Laura Colucci


Charlotta Martinus


Ashwin Pandya


Dipesh Munakarmi

OM_L_Heidi Ziegenbein

Heide Ziegenbein

Natasha De Grunwald - Website Only

Natasha De Grunwald


Philly Aime

Ellie Foden 2

Ellie Foden


Ravi Dixit


Eugene Butcher and Pip Elysium


Dylan Ayaloo


Dr Milind Jani

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